Association Management in Nashville, TN: Rental Property Inspections

Association Management in Nashville, TN: Rental Property Inspections

What makes an HOA different from a typical residential neighborhood?

This model goes the extra mile to create a long-lasting community. Homeowners associations even have boards for homeowners with a talent for leadership and administration. This board ensures the behavior and landscaping of the community follow a set of rules.

An HOA board has many more responsibilities, but this type of board can't come together without an experienced association manager.

Association management helps board members with documentation, meetings, and finances. They're also in charge of implementing maintenance protocols.

One of these protocols is rental property inspections.

Learn more about the value of investing in HOA inspections.

Stay In Compliance

Homeowners associations are serious about staying in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Inspections also ensure that homeowners aren't violating community rules for curb appeal, sanitation, and landscaping. For example, homeowners may be fined for having too much garbage on the curb or unsafe trees on the property.

These inspections ensure homeowners aren't living in hazardous conditions. After a storm, water damage can lead to mold which can cause conditions like respiratory problems, fatigue, and migraines. Thus, every HOA needs a good association management solution to streamline repairs.

An association manager also acts as a liaison between points of contact with the city, ensuring the community is in full compliance.

Rental Property Inspections As a Marketing Tool

Marketing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of property inspections. Yet, it's an important part of the homeowner experience.

Whenever you're marketing a property, potential HOA homeowners expect a walkthrough of the house. Here, they can envision themselves building a home. Expect leads to check everything from door hinges to faucets.

A rental property inspection is necessary before taking photos for real estate listings.

Inspections are necessary for spotting the following repairs:

  • Water damage to the interior
  • Hardwood flooring damage
  • Carpet replacements
  • Loose windows
  • Leaky faucets and faulty plumbing
  • Repainting for walls

HOAs must take upgrades seriously since their standards are so high for neighborhood integrity.

Streamlining Inspections

Inspections are necessary for maintenance requests like new shower fixtures and HVAC part replacements. Thus, streamlining communication is essential.

The association managers of PMI Whiskey Trail use maintenance portals to respond to homeowner requests for repairs and upgrades. All homeowners are given website login credentials to view important documents, communicate with board members, and follow the status of their maintenance requests.

These protocols help homeowners save money on costly repairs and upgrades. A periodic inspection can spot an HVAC leak before it turns into an indoor pollution issue that requires air testing. You can also replace windows before water leaks turn into interior damage that requires wall replacement and mold testing.

Prioritize Rental Inspections In Your HOA

Homeowners associations pride themselves on stellar exterior and interior maintenance. The glue that holds this philosophy together is rental property inspections. Remember the above points when deciding on the right HOA for your needs.

PMI Whiskey Trail has a team of dedicated association managers who take maintenance seriously. Call us today to find your next manager.