Pets in a Community: Do Dog Breeds Matter in Nashville, Tennessee?

Pets in a Community: Do Dog Breeds Matter in Nashville, Tennessee?

Pet lovers are everywhere, and the US is no different, with more than 86 million households owning a pet. Dogs and cats remain the most popular pets globally.

When buying or renting a property as a pet owner, you must check the rules and regulations surrounding pets before you sign on the dotted line. For instance, if you're renting an apartment, you may not be allowed to keep a pet.

If you're buying property in an HOA neighborhood, there are likely several rules regarding allowing pets in a community that you should become familiar with. You might find that your pet doesn't conform to the regulations.

Keep reading if you want to know whether your dog would be allowed in an HOA community. Here's what you need to know about Homeowner's Associations and dogs.

HOA Rules About Dogs

Most Homeowner's Association boards have rules regarding pets in a community; some might be stricter than others. Typically, there are a few rules that are not only applied in Nashville, TN but in other states too. Here are some standard HOA local bylaws about dog ownership.

You Need a Dog License

This license helps to identify your dog and ensures that they are up to date on their vaccinations. You can purchase a dog license at your local animal control office or online.

Keep Your Dogs on a Leash in Common Areas

This rule is for the safety of your dog and others. Leashes help prevent your dog from running away or fighting with other animals outside your property.

Pick Up the Poop

This is a common courtesy that helps to keep the HOA community clean and free of dog waste. You can use a bag to pick up your dog's waste and dispose of it in a trash can.

No Excessive Noise and Disturbances

Excessive barking can be a nuisance to other people, especially if it happens late at night or early in the morning. For this reason, you must train your dog to be quieter if your dog is a barker.

These rules are in place to protect the safety and well-being of both your dog and the other residents in the community. It is essential to follow these rules to avoid any problems.

Restricted Breeds

Unfortunately, not all dogs are welcome in HOA communities. Some HOAs have breed-specific restrictions, like weight, which prohibit specific breeds of dogs from living in the community.

These restrictions are often put in place due to concerns about safety or liability. Some of the most common breeds restricted by HOAs include:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds
  • Great Danes

Pets in a Community: Get Informed

Knowing the rules and regulations surrounding pets before buying or renting a property in an HOA neighborhood is essential. For example, some HOAs may not allow certain dog breeds, like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls, while others may restrict the size or number of pets you can have. If you are considering buying property in an HOA area, research the HOA's rules about pets in a community before making an offer.

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