Why Attending HOA Meetings Is Crucial for Homeowners

Why Attending HOA Meetings Is Crucial for Homeowners

The average age of today's first-time homeowner is 36. Whether you're a new homeowner or a seasoned one, it pays to be invested in your community. And if you're part of an HOA, you'll want to prioritize involvement to get the most out of your community living experience.

HOAs hold regular meetings, usually once a month. They discuss what's going on in the neighborhood, potential fee increases, and ways to get involved. Keep reading to learn why you should attend HOA meetings!

Know About Projects

One of the best reasons to attend an HOA annual meeting is the ability to learn what projects are on the table. How is your HOA board planning to use financial resources in the next year? As a member of an HOA community, you can be more informed by attending meetings.

The HOA board might be planning to add a garden or repair a fence around the clubhouse. They might want to introduce a new annual event in a common space in the neighborhood, as well as other potential projects.

It's much easier to be involved in your community if you know what's going on. You'll also be able to meet members of the board and community management members.

Share Your Voice

As a member of the HOA community, you can express your opinion at meetings. If you live in a building with shared common spaces, for example, you might have input on design choices for remodeling projects. In some instances, there could be a meeting agenda item that calls explicitly for community input.

Even if you are not on the HOA board, you can still make your voice heard. When there is a quorum of people in attendance, you'll even be able to vote on projects that are up for consideration. But you have to be present to make an impact!

Meet More Neighbors

Attending meetings is a great way to meet more HOA members. These individuals will be your neighbors and they also have a stake in making your community a great place to live.

When neighbors are more connected, you'll feel like you have a support network within the community. If you need someone to water your flowers while you're out of town, for instance, you'll have reliable new friends to call.

Participate in Community Events

Finally, you should attend HOA meetings as a way to get involved. Perhaps you've wanted to help organize events like block parties or happy hours. Or maybe you want to help with property beautification.

If you have legal or financial expertise, you can lend a helping hand in that regard, too. When you're at HOA meetings, you can suggest these items or join committees to help with community projects. Think about what talents you can share with the organization!

Attend HOA Meetings

HOA meetings may not sound like the most exciting addition to your agenda, but they're important as a homeowner. You'll be more informed about upcoming projects and you can express your opinion about them. HOA meetings also are a great way to connect with neighbors and get involved.

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