HOA Holiday Decorating: Tips for a Festive and Welcoming Community

HOA Holiday Decorating: Tips for a Festive and Welcoming Community

Nearly 70% of Americans plan to decorate for the holidays. That's a lot of light displays! This means that many people in your HOA are likely planning some festive holiday decor.

This year, bring everyone in on the HOA holiday decorating fun. Deck the halls, put up lights, and start getting festive.

Not sure how? Read on for our top tips.

Coordinate Lighting Displays

It can be really nice if each person decorates their HOA property in a similar way. Encouraging coordinated lighting displays contributes to a beautiful and cohesive holiday HOA community.

Recommend a consistent color palette or lighting style to create a consistent look throughout the neighborhood. This could involve warm white lights, classic holiday colors, or even a specific theme like "winter wonderland."

Coordinated lighting not only enhances the overall aesthetic but can also create a sense of holiday unity among residents. As long as there's some flexibility from the HOA board, people will love it.

Host Community Decorating Events

Organizing community decorating events is a fantastic way to bring neighbors together during the holiday season.

Designate a central location where residents can gather to decorate communal spaces. Provide decorations and give your HOA community a theme to work with so everyone is on the same page.

Consider providing hot cocoa, festive music, and perhaps even a visit from Santa to make it a fun holiday experience for all ages.

Incorporate Non-Religious Decorations

To ensure inclusivity, suggest non-religious decorations that resonate with various cultural backgrounds in the HOA common areas.

Emphasize universal symbols like snowflakes, winter animals, or seasonal greenery. You want the decorations to be accessible and reflective of the diverse community within the HOA.

Of course, each resident can decorate based on their own cultural beliefs.

Highlight Community Amenities

Extend the holiday cheer to community amenities by decorating shared spaces. Consider decorating entrances, playgrounds, and other recreational areas to make the whole community festive.

This spreads the holiday spirit beyond individual homes and makes the community feel more magical.

Make sure to opt for holiday-neutral decor in at least most of the holiday spaces or to represent all holidays that people within your community celebrate.

Create a Holiday Decorating Committee

Forming a holiday decorating committee within the HOA can streamline the planning process and involve residents in decision-making. You want them to feel involved!

The committee can collaborate on setting guidelines and organizing events. They can also make sure that decorations align with the community's "vision."

This committee empowers residents to contribute to the creation of a festive space for everyone.

Keep These HOA Holiday Decorating Tips in Mind

Are you ready to get festive? These HOA holiday decorating tips can help! Get your HOA in the holiday spirit this year by adding some decorations to the community.

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